Books can change the way you think and feel

How can books be like tools? To illustrate:

Imagine yourself as a powerful car that has wings that allow you to fly and engines that turn you into a speed boat. Push a button, and you and your car shrinks to a size smaller than a dot on a piece of paper. Though small, you are in total control. You can drive into your ear, up your nose, or through the center of your eye into your brain. Once inside your brain you make repairs, changing the way you think. Blood is pumping up from your heart. No problem for you. With a flick of a switch, you are now a speed boat. Swish, swish, swish, you speed against the current and enter your heart. In your heart, you change the way you feel. (Our books are non-fiction and fiction.)

Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice 1st Edition - video contains its reviews

From the Author, with reviews.


First Edition

Limited Edition

The First Edition was a limited number of books. Out of the number published, 100 were reserved by the author. They are numbered and signed. 

A Gift

A copy of the missing 1864 military investigaton of Fort Pillow, TN, has  been given to Van Turner Jr., Memphis Commissioner, Attorney, Director and President of Greenspace, Inc. (Greenspace, Inc. was responsible for the removal of confederate statutes from public parks.)