Knights of the Golden Circle


We have discovered the origins of the KGC.

The origins of secret societies can take you many different places. This, because the methods they use are similar to what others use. They are not all connected. Each has their own purpose.

The KGC has as its purpose the destruction of the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. The Jesuits are involved. (They are the watchers.) The Pope, and those that succeeded him, were also involved, but they are not the head. Both the Pope and Jesuits take  their orders from people more powerful than they are. Following the money and the footsteps takes us back to Europe. The KGC is not an American Organization. It is an International organization whose headquarters, in 1864, is in Europe.

We have to protect what has been found.

Non-fiction writing is not protected. Anyone can steal your documents, and use them for their own purposes. If you write your story as fiction, then everything you write is protected. It is for this reason that what is written will be classified as fiction, based on real people and real events that that were organized by the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC).

Why the title "Follow the money and Footsteps"?

The history behind the KGC has been hidden by those who claim, you have to have pictures of them committing the crime, or have witnesses that are involved and willing to testify. This is not true. For example, if you are hunting an animal, do you have to see the animal before you know it exists? Of course not. Long before you see the animal you see its tracks, where it eats, where it defecates, and where it sleeps. These facts convince you that the animal exists. We will be talking about people who have died. Though they died, they left their tracks, and we followed them.

When will it be Available?


The history behind the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) will be published as a free download when we receive a sufficient number of requests.


Research took the author to Africa, Costa Rica and more than 29 sites in the United States.