Opportunity for phd candidate or student, studying civil war history.


Penn State University

Penn State History Department holds the distinction of being the first University to acknowledge the research in the book "Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre" by David Ndilei.

University of Florida Levin College of Law

UF LEGAL INFORMATION CENTER General Collection E476.17 .N44 1996

The BOOK: "Extinguish the flames of racial prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre," first edition, is still available at the Levin Law Library. They have the distinction of being the First law library to purchase the book. More than 450 footnotes. Its history on slavery is unique.

Tennessee State Library & Archives

The book is found at E441 .N34 in the Closed Stacks location.

The cover displayed is not accurate. The phrase "The Fort Pillow Massacre" is not shown.

More than 450 footnotes detailing the history behind the Massacre at Fort Pillow Tennessee.

The Opportunity

Author/Researcher, David Ndilei, is 76 years old. Due to his age, health, and volunteer activities, and his desire to stay out of the social and political issues of our day, is looking for a phd Candidate or Student of Civil War History that is willing to carry forward his research.

Those that respond to this request

First: The phd candidate or student of civil war history will receive FREE:

Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre, 2nd Edition

The Person or the Skin

Domestic Breeding - Americas hidden Shame

Second: From among those responding, one will be chosen.

Third: The one chosen will receive all research, and my help as a consultant.

Fourth: Profits will be shared. Includes movie and mass marketing rights



Looking for a phd candidate or student studying Civil War history.