Fugger's Castle and Home in Bavaria

  • Prince Hubertus Fugger is the owner of Jakob the Rich’s former business seat, the Fuggerhäuser in Augsburg; nearby Wellenburg Castle; and the Castle at Babenhausen, which has Fugger's Museum and serves part-time as his home. He is also co-owner of a private bank, Fürst Fugger Privatbank in Augsburg. (Wellenberg Castle serves as a summer home.)

Jakob Fugger


Jakob Fugger is called the world's richest man. In today's money, it is said, he had over 400 billion dollars. His money gave him the banking that enabled him to control both Kings and Popes.

Inside Castle Babenhausen


The splendor and beauty is breathtaking.

Castle Wellenberg


Fugger's Summer Home

Aerial View of Castle Wellenberg


Entrance to Fugger's Private Bank


As you enter the Bank


Why did a Prince from Bavaria visit Georgia?

The year is 1988.

  • Prince Fugger, looking for investment property in the United States, learned of 1,300 acres of land for sale north of Atlanta, known as the Woodlands. In 1942 the estate and its remaining furnishings were sold at auction. W. Earl McClesky purchased the land to use for farming. Woodlands manor had been hit by a tornado, and was nothing more than a shell of a building, covered by kudzu. A side building, used as a kitchen, was converted into living space until 1942.

  • Without looking at the property, Prince Fugger purchased the land. Later, when visiting, he discovered the history. Godfrey Barnsley, a successful cotton merchant, purchased the land shortly after the Cherokee Indians were removed. He wanted to build for his wife a Manson in Italian style, and he did. The hill he built on was Indian holy ground, and one tragedy after another struck his family. The last, being a tornado that struck the house in 1906.


Woodlands Manor remains a shell of a building.

  • Prince Fugger would not invest for restoration of the house, but he would restore the gardens. The 100-year-old boxwoods that surrounded the garden were trimmed, and more than 150 varieties of roses were planted. The design of the garden was restored and expanded with the planting of hundreds of different types of fauna and foliage. In 1990 the gardens were declared a historical site, and opened to the public.

  • In 1997 Prince Fugger closed the gardens, for the purpose of building a golf course, Italian houses, and 2 Restaurants. The new development would be called Barnsley Resort. The official opening was planned for July 15, 1999.

Fugger's Cabin


  • Among the splendor, Prince Fugger planned something different for him and his wife. He found a cabin, built in the 1840’s, and had it moved onto his property. He restored the cabin, and here he lived when in the United States. 

Inside Fugger's Cabin


Today, you can stay in Fugger's Cabin.