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Certificate for book 090


In April of 2011 John Rickard of contacted David Ndilei. He wrote to say that the discovery of the 1864 military investigation of the massacre at Fort Pillow should be offered Free. At the time I disagreed. That has changed.

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Speaking about the book, Extinguish the Flames of Racial Prejudice - The Fort Pillow Massacre, and its hidden clues that leads one to the missing 1864 military investigation, John Rickard, said: "As an academic I'd be looking for a suitable university, museum or archive to give the historical document to rather than trying to sell it ... If the British university system ... I know was presented with a major historical document like the Fort Pillow report they'd never shut up about it! The text would be exposed to peer review, accurately published in normal Academic journals etc, a good copy put on public display and the valuable original locked in the vault.

Van Turner Jr. Memphis TN


June 2018 - a visit to Memphis, Tennessee. Out of respect for the achievements and the heart of Van Turner Jr., I decided to give him the Certificate of Authenticity and book 090, describing the massacre at Fort Pillow. I also gave him a copy of the missing 1864 military investigation of the Cruelties at Fort Pillow, Tennessee. These handwritten, sworn affidavits, dated, witnessed, and signed, prove that General Forrest directed and participated in the massacre at Fort Pillow. They also prove that the target was not the fort. An Educational Center was being built at Fort Pillow. General Chalmers was ordered to destroy the Educational Center. He did, burning innocent women and children trapped inside the buildings. After completing this brutal, cruel, and heartless act, he attacked the fort.

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